Solar Power

Solar Power – Is This The way to Go?


Solar Panel in rural setting

Solar Panel

There is an ongoing concern about energy sources which has prompted thousands of  ‘reports’, warnings, and dire predictions about the ability of this planet to sustain the voracious power appetite of it’s fast growing population. Media coverage has been so frequent and in fact so contradictory and controversial, fueled (if you’ll pardon the pun), by opinions and theories from every angle and by ‘authorities’ from all sorts of disciplines, that the subject is almost to the point where it is losing it’s’ topical’ title. While it is true that the capacity of the earth’s  storehohouse of fossil fuel and gas deposits are vast, they cannot be limitless and while the available reserves diminish, our needs seem to grow – and both at an exponential and frightening rate.

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Certainly renewable energy sources have got to be the way to go and Solar Power in its various formats has to be high on the list of options, after all it’s energy source our Sun (despite the legendary lack of it in the UK!), is continually available and if that changes we won’t be around to complain!

One aspect of the discussion which guarantees it’s continuing to be a subject of great debate is of course that whatever solution is utilised will affect not only global conditions but the wallets of us , the consumers.

It is often difficult to get a balanced view of the situation because, as always, there is big, big money involved and therefore tremendous pressures on scientists, technicians and developers not to upset the energy giants, or the politicians, or the bankers, or the conservationists, or the ….,  and so it goes on. The world might be getting ‘smaller’ but the problems become more complex. We used to think of Solar Powr, perhaps just in terms of a few panels on our roof, but with the improvement of the technology there are now installations occupying thousands of square meters of ground which would otherwise be of very limited use for agriculture. (An interesting point was raised about this recently claiming that solar power was fifty times more efficient than planting crops for rendering into ‘Biofuel!)

Whatever the energy source, ducted heating in it’s various forms will be here for some time to come and the more energy efficient they are, the smaller the dent in our wallets! A lot of that efficiency is down to the effectiveness of the control system, which if operating correctly will keep heater and fan run times to the minimum necessary to maintain optimum temperature.


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