A Guide to Flexible Ductwork

Is Your Flexible Ductwork up to Standard?

Last month a new industry guide set out to minimise the confusion and downright lack of knowledge regarding statutory requirements and legislation applied to the installation of Flexible Ductwork in all types of buildings.

In a statement by Chair of the Associates Committee, Association of Ductwork Contractors (ADCAS), Philip Johnson, the phrase, “Lack of Clarity” over the issues was used and highlighted the fact that not only could safety be compromised but also the increasing need for energy efficiency could be jeopardised by sub standard specifications and installations.

It would appear that information filtering through the network of designers, consultants, architects, manufacturers, installers and maintence providers is frequently subject to misinterpretation, and is in need of an authoritative guide as a basis of conformity.

The 24 page report, “Flexible Ductwork – A guide to specification, procurement, installation and maintenance” (BG 43/2013).

Priced at £30:00 in either paper or downloadable PDF form.


Published by;    ADCAS/BSRIA               Author;     G. Hawkins
Published          February 2013                ISBN     9780860227175