Controller Update !

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Important Update

to our AAH Control Range.


Control Box Range For 1 Phase Heaters (9 kW)

Control Box Range For 1 Phase Heaters (9 kW)

As you know all our controllers employ the unique ‘Error Code’ feature. This has been a huge help to customers on site when it came to correct installation of the product. We have now even further improved the way the error code works when an ‘air flow failure’ situation occurs. Previously, if the fan stopped, the system would go to an          ‘ Error E4′ – and once an error had happened, the system needed to be isolated and then restarted.


Major Benefits

  • Still using the ‘Digital Error Code’ feature
  • When fan restarts, heater will automatically come back on
  • Now no need to manually re-start heater

With this update we have introduced, if the fan stops the unit will still shut down and the error will still appear, but if the fan restarts, the heater will automatically  come back on. We highly recommend that the system has a fan run on after the heater goes off. If this is the case then no E4 error would ever appear.

If the customer is using our fan terminals on the AAH unit,

then the fan will have fan run on automatically.

This new software is designed for the use of independent fans from AHU and Heat Recovery Units.