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Steven Groves Man.Dir.

Steven Groves Man.Dir.

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As with many successful companies, AAH Products Ltd, grew from the recognition of a need in the industry in which Steve had spent so many years. The Heating and Ventilation sector of the broader Construction Industry has had to evolve rapidly to meet the needs of an ever more efficiency conscious consumer.

Now more than ever before, end users, fitters and therefore suppliers have the need for a reliable and effective method of using and controlling the many versions of Duct Heating that are the core of Heating, Ventilation, Heat Recovery and Ducted Air Conditioning.

Frustrated with the lack of imagination and innovation evident in the manufacturing of available electric duct heaters and their controllers, Steve utilised his many years in the production side of the industry together with his Electricians qualifications and set about designing and producing what has now become an extensive range of standard and custom built Circular,  Stab In and Duct Mounted Heaters.

These are supported by a comprehensive group of accessories and perhaps most importantly, the unique energy efficient controller which uses a self-tuning algorithm, effectively minimising the energy required to maintain the optimum room temperature. If the heater is used in conjunction with a room temperature sensor, the system achieves the maximum possible efficiency in maintaining the required room temperature. The system is controlled using a Triac, or Thyristor. The controller also utilises a digital  ‘Error Code’ system which alerts the user of possible problems in the system, thus simplifying installation procedures and reducing operating downtime, whilst maintaing optimum efficiency.

As a small company with a very, ‘hands – on’,  Managing Director, AAHProducts Ltd. is in a great position of being able to offer extremely competitive prices, fast delivery, customised units when needed and a very personal (and friendly 🙂 ) customer service.

Being very aware of his initial motives for forming his own company, Steve encourages customer feedback and has already introduced further enhancements to the Error Code system to make it even more versatile.

To discover how AAH Products can benefit you or your business, contact Steve in any of the following ways:

Call      0844 8008857 / 02392 504131
Out of hours contact      07920 874393
Fax      02392 501978
Email      info@aahproducts.com
Address Unit B48
Sanderson Business Centre
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Here is just one of many appreciative customers!

From:   Dominik Schnell
Sent: 27 March 2013 23:54

“We needed 2 battery heaters for a specialist application in our food production business. The units we received from ‘All About Heating’ were perfect for the job and the service and help in setting it up was invaluable! Would certainly recommend this company!”

 best of luck Steve,

Dominik Schnell

CEO inSpiral Visionary Products & Ekopia


And another ……………..


From: Dave Wilson
Sent: 02 April 2013 08:40
To: Steve
Subject: RE: Electric Heater Batteries – Halco


“Hi Steve,

 Thanks for getting the software updated for us on the Hester Batteries for Halco.

 I have been more than happy with the service we have been given by AAH and would have no hesitation in utilising these services and/or recommending them in the future”.


Many thanks.


Dave Wilson

Regional Manager

Woods Environmental Limited